Hi-Tech House is a 6-story building with one underground level. The total area of a common space is 8000 sq. m. It is located on a parcel of land with an area of 0,56 hectares. Territory around the building will be well organized and equipped with a secured visitor parking lot to accommodate up to 60 vehicles. The entrance to the parking lot is on Academicheskaya Street. A garage located under the building will have an additional 30 parking spaces. Additional parking is available in an unsecured parking lot located close to the building parallel to Bolshaya Academicheskaya Street.

The first floor of the Hi-Tech House is broken up in two wings and dedicated to the building's operational facilities and services. There are main entrances and handicapped entrances with guard posts. In the right wing of the main level there is a lobby with an atrium, a cafe, property management offices, as well as engineering offices.

The left wing houses the building's life support systems and the offices of technical personal and is closed off from public entry. Also on this level are the power reservation systems, building wiring distribution facilities, a fiber-optics connectivity center, power control center, and structure connectivity solution systems. There is also 300 sq. m. of space that is reserved for telecommunication and server equipment of the tenants. It is directly connected with the office of network administration and security personnel.

The second floor consists of two office blocks 300 sq. m. 150 sq. m. each and a conference room. The third through sixth floors are open for office space with the area of 1200 sq. m. each and the step between columns of 6 meters.

Engineering systems
Proposal to leaseholders

The building is perfectly suited to information technology companies because it is already uniquely outfitted with the necessary infrastructure. Hi-Tech House offers a full package of telecommunication services from telephone/Internet traffic billing systems to VPN networks administration and hosting. Technical experts of Hi-Tech House have outstanding experience in this line of work and posses all the necessary licenses.

The building has its own fiber-optical communication lines across Moscow and connection to the center of commutation MMTS-10, which provides the possibility to work with leading Russian and international providers. The channel capacity of the access into the Internet is 1 Gb/s, and if necessary it can be increased to 10 Gb/s.

Hi-Tech House has been equipped with a structured cable system and special premises to accommodate server equipment (up to 100 racks), systems for climate control and safety, uninterrupted power supplies with consumption up to 2000 kw, and a backup diesel generator.

Please contact Dmitriy Ivanov (Commercial Director) at (095) 970-04-09 with questions about the lease.    

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