The Hi-Tech House is located in the northern administrative district of Moscow City in close proximity to Voykovskaya metro station. Bolshaya Academicheskaya Street connects with two most important Moscow routes: Leningradskoe and Dmitrovskoye highways. The area in which the building is located has historically been developed as a mix of residential and commercial real estate. The Lenigradskoe highway is an important transportation artery of the city. From the major international airport, Sheremetyevo, Leningradskoe leads downtown and feeds into Tverskaya Street.

It is also important to note that the roads in the vicinity of the building will be upgraded in the near future. The City of Moscow has finalized a plan to begin the reconstruction of Leningrskoe highway and building a new express beltway in immediate proximity to the Hi-Tech House. The construction is slated to begin in 2004.

Engineering systems
Proposal to leaseholders

The Hi-Tech House is following the concept of the city about fitting in with the ecologically clean zones of Moscow. The potential leaseholders of the building will be ecologically clean enterprises. Also, it is worthwhile to note that Bolshaya Academicheskaya Street borders Timiryzevskiy Park, which creates a favorable ecological situation in the area.

Please contact Dmitriy Ivanov (Commercial Director) at (095) 970-04-09 with questions about the lease. 


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