Hi-Tec House is an independent provider of full range of IT services for customers consisting of mid-market enterprises, divisions of large multinational corporations, and government agencies in Moscow, Russia and the world.

Hi-Tec House business model is based on corporate outsourcing and schemes of application service providing (ASP), dedicated server managed hosting and infrastructure management services. We provide round-the-clock hosting of the leased systems using quality experts in information technology - Stack Group.

We provide our products in the state of the art industrial data center of Moscow - Hi-Тес House on Big Academic Street, where we are working to become the Russian IT industry-benchmark of quality in support.


Hi-Tec House offers the following line of products:

  • A - Service, an advanced portfolio of brand applications for lease
  • I - Service - set of infrastructure services consisting of collocation and dedicated servers hosting.
  • H - Service, managed hosting
  • R - Service, 42/7/365 customer support and data protection
  • W- service, web-development and web-hosting
  • Z - Service, custom-made applications

Engineering systems
Proposal to leaseholders

Our partners

Our partners are the dealers of leaseble software product, suppliers of servers for rent and the largest Russian system integrators that assigne teir clients to us for post integration services.

Our clients

Our clients are interested in automation of business processes, round-the-clock functioning of information systems and data security. We are serving Russian and foreign clients with critical requirements in confidentiality and protection of their data. All ours clients can maximize return on their investments and achieve the highest performance, while at the same time reducing their Total Cost of the IT Budget by 40%. Hi-Tec House business model also helps to speed up the development of IT solutions drastically.

We offer a single point of contact for the design, deployment and management of your IT solutions. Since we provide full menu of services in-house, we're able to maintain a rigorous focus on delivery. It gives our clients full control over projects and better results.

Please contact Dmitriy Ivanov (Commercial Director) at (095) 970-04-09 with questions about the lease. 


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