Engineering systems

Expert building engineers from the company "Akadempolis" are providing property management services. The heating system of the building has its own central thermal point. The equipment is by "Alfa Laval". The source of heat supply is from city networks.

There is a water supply system connected to the city's network. This equipment is provided by "Danfass". The ventilation system is designed story-by-story both for inflow and for drawing air. The equipment is by "VTC-Clima". It ensures off-line operation on each floor.

The air-conditioning system of the building is centralized. "Carrier" air-conditioning equipment was used throughout the building. There is also an air-conditioning system for the special purpose of protecting server room (300 sq. m.), which is equipped with its own climate control system.

Engineering systems
Proposal to leaseholders

This area of the building is under surveillance by security televisions and has its own gas fire-prevention extinguishing systems.

The building has two elevators by "OTIS" 1000 kg, 600 kg each.

Please contact Dmitriy Ivanov (Commercial Director) at (095) 970-04-09 with questions about the lease.    

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