Moscow Hi-Tech House
Bolshaya Academicheskaya Steet

Intelligent Office Space for Smart Companies

This commercial real estate development project is positioned to respond to the needs of hi-tech businesses in the sphere of information technologies. New global realities demand a modern office environment that can answer the technological needs of a new generation of businesses.

In order to provide the necessary infrastructure, this type office complex must accommodate the following requirements: an uninterrupted power supply; appropriate energy content; separate space to house server rooms with the stringent requirements for temperature control; intensive heat removal in the equipment areas; security systems for information protection and for admittance to the building; a modern telecommunication system; and a structured cabling system.

The development of intelligent office space is booming in the U.S. and Western Europe where demands for technology-friendly buildings created a push for adapting these requirements on a grand scale. However, in Russia this process has been slow. There have been a few attempts to develop this type of construction in Moscow, but the demands of the market could not be satisfied. Well-equipped office space of this type is still in scarcity in Russia and particularly in Moscow.

Engineering systems
Proposal to leaseholders

A privately held company, "Akadempolis", has developed the Hi-Tech House on Bolshaya Academicheskaya Street in Moscow. The building meets all the infrastructure requirements to accommodate the technology needs of businesses of a new generation.

The Hi-Tech House on Bolshaya Academicheskaya Street is very attractive to telecommunication companies, IT departments of trading companies, media companies working with the Internet, and any other business involved in processing and storing data.

Please contact Dmitriy Ivanov (Commercial Director) at (095) 970-04-09 with questions about the lease.    

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